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Training With Steve Scott

I will assist you with design and implementation of your total product launch solution.  Whether it’s a new product launch or you are trying to promote an existing product we can provide a complete solution.

N3i has been in marking since the late 1990’s and we have seen many trends come and go.  The key to successfully marketing any product is to put together a plan that addresses your goals of building and growing your company.  We specialize in building out the infrastructure and then implementing an intentional marketing strategy based on your customer type.

SEO, SEM, PPC, PPM, Direct Response, Sales Funnels, Lead Generation, ecommerce platform, CPC, API.  Do these words/Acronyms make sence to you, they do to us.  It takes an experienced marketing person to pull all these strategies together and run concurrently and a strategist to be able to analyze the components that are most likely to provide success for your company. That is what N3i is all about.

Professional Analysis

We are a hands-on company and are sensitive to your marketing/technical needs and desires for success. Our first step will be to speak with you about your personal goals and together decide the best solution for us working together.  Candidly, we only take on a limited number of client and don’t actively pursue new ones because of the number of referrals we  get. 

Smart Stratigies

We approach each product with smart strategies.  We test an analyze each step to be sure you are getting the most from our services and from the programs we implement.  You will know where the best opportunities for success are found.

Ongoing Evalutation

When we ask most of our clients where they have had the greatest success, they can rarely tell us.  The issue is most marketing companies do not build out the complete platform prior to the launch so tracking campaigns becomes difficult.  We carefully look at ever aspect of any initiative and learn from each stage what will work best for you.

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