Marking Your Own Opportunities

 What happened when I started making my own opportunites?


I didn’t really know a lot about web page design but I created a very simple webpage with a single product offer.  I wasn’t aware of it at the time but the design would have followed the best practices strategies of recent landing page designs built out by the top marketing companies.  All I really knew at the time, I wanted to make it really clear as too what I was offering and the benefits of the solutions.

Webpage done, it was time to begin trying to sell my services. I started to look at other companies that offered services that complemented mine.   I offered them a residual commission for each client that they referred to me.  The customers were a perfect match to these partners product and my website became an immediate hit!  The website wasn’t pretty and in fact I had a company later develop a full blown professionally looking site that would please the most descrete designer but the high end designs never converted like the orginal page. I moved back to what I knew worked and it kept converting.  I still have customers that have been with my company for over 19 years! paying me monthly for my services.

There are several things I learned quickly and they still hold true today:

  1. Landing pages with the right content convert – Leads will covert if the offer meets their needs.  You can spend thousands of dollars on a impressive website and never sell anything.
  2. Good leads are worth paying for – I spent a lot of money to get good leads and don’t regret it for a minute. The partnerships with my marketing partners was worth every penny I paid them. 
  3. Examine your market closely – look for ways to capitalize on how your product or service will benefit others.
  4. Keep doing what works – Don’t be afraid to replicate a good offer.
  5. Make sure you know what your idea customer wants and you can find them!